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Awards Received

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Garden Club of Cape Coral has received Awards from FFGC (Florida Federation of Garden Clubs) and the Deep South for 2019. Special Thanks to all of you as "March In the Park" was recognized by FFGC and DEEP SOUTH for awards. Lillian Peterson created our magnificent Website and our Club has been awarded first prize for it! Sylvia Swartz has created our Directory/Yearbook and our Club has won awards by FFGC and Deep South! Judy and Tom Peltier have, for may years, worked with Trafalgar Middle School and our Club has been recognized and awarded from both FFGC and Deep South! ~ President Ann Block

2019 FFGC Awards

The GARDEN CLUB OF CAPE CORAL has received the 2019 FFGC awards:

Award 11.6 Yearbook 100-199 members
Award 14.4 DePalma Sillik Website award
Award 36-4 - Community Service (in respect of MIP 2019)
Award 51-4 Environmental Education involving Youth (Judy Peltier's Trafalgar Middle School project)

2019 Deep South Awards

We also received 2019 Deep South Awards:

Awards 5A iv - Public Relations - MIP
Award 15A iv - Environmental Education Award (Traflagar - Judy Peltier)
Award 33A6 - Yearbook, 3rd place.

In past years we received several awards from FFGC and Deep South ....wonderful recognition for our club and for the members who write them up for submission! Awards are first announced at the FFGC convention and also at the Spring District IX meeting. Here are the awards we won in previous years:

2018 FFGC Awards

Award #15 Garden Therapy (Cups of Cheer) Exceptional Award
Award # 18 Historic Garden Preservation (Rose Garden)
Award #47 Habitat for Humanity (2018 Cape Coral Women’s Build)
Award #56- Butterfly Preservation (Library Butterfly Garden)
Award #57 Bird or Butterfly Sanctuary on School Grounds (Trafalgar Middle School)

2018 Deep South Awards

Award 3Aiii Historic Garden Preservation (Rose Garden), First Place Award
Award 1Aiii Bird or Butterfly Sanctuary on School Grounds (Trafalgar Middle School) First Place Award
Award 16Aiii Butterfly Conservation (Library Butterfly Garden), First Place Award
10Aiii – Special Achievement