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Photo Award

Each year a competition is held to determine the photo on the cover of the annual Member Directory, the home page photo for our Website and the photo for our Facebook page.
This year's winner for 2023-2024 is Debbie Cooper for her photo of a Purple Passion Flower.

Passiflora Incarnata is commonly known as the Purple Passion Flower. Seems like it's everywhere. I'm always giving it away. Butterflies love it! It is a fast growing perennial and beautiful in the garden. Many Thanks for this award, --Debbie Cooper

Purple Passionflower

Purple Passion Flower Vine
Photo by Debbie Cooper

Enter to win the cover of the Member Directory, the Website home page photo and the Facebook cover photo!

Shutterbugs!!!! WIN FAME & FORTUNE!!!!

The photo contest for the Garden Club of Cape Coral is accepting your photos. The winning photo will be featured on the cover of the next year's club directory, the website home page photo and the Facebook background photo. Deadline for submission of photographs is March 31, 2024.
The rules are:
1. Photos should be of some relevance to gardening
2. Competition is open to all active members of the GCCC.
3. Photos must be taken between May and March
4. Photos must be taken in the State of Florida. Pictures taken in our growing zone 10 are preferred.
5. Photos will be de-identified to assure anonymity and prevent bias.
6. Photos should include both the scientific (Latin) and the common name of the flower, tree, cactus, etc. This is not a barrier to submission. The Garden Club will research this if this information is unavailable.
7. There is no limit on the number of photos submitted by participants.
8. Photos should be emailed to Joanne Kishfy in .jpg .gif or other electronic format no later than March 31.
Contest winner will be announced at the May Garden Club general meeting.


2022-2023 Member Directory, Website Home Page Photo and Facebook Photo: Jane Anderson - Seminole Pink Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis).

"I am so honored to be the winner of the Garden Club of Cape Coral photo contest. After retiring from teaching, my husband and I moved to Cape Coral from Minnesota last June. I joined the garden club last September to learn more about our new zone 10A environment since we came from zone 4 in MN. The hibiscus bush was already well established in our yard near the canal. The vibrant pink color caught my eye so I thought that, perhaps, it would be a good contender for the photo con.test. I’m flattered that it also caught the eye of the contest judges too. I was also pleased to know that this variety carries a name associated with Florida “Seminole Pink” " --Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson Hibiscus

Seminole Pink Hibiscus
Photo by Jane Anderson

2021-2022 Member Directory, Website Home Page Photo and Facebook Photo: Sherie Bleiler - Zebra Longwing on a Buttercup Flower.

"Many butterflies enjoy drinking from buttercup flowers, a native Florida plant. I took this at the butterfly garden in the back of the south Cape Coral Library, which club members maintain. Come look!" --Sherie Bleiler

Zebra Longwing on a Buttercup Flower
Photo by Sherie Bleiler

2020-2021 Member Directory: Betsy Koscher - Monarch Butterfly on a Hibiscus Flower.

Betsy Koscher Winner 2020 Directory Cover Photo

Monarch Butterfly on a Hibiscus Flower
Photo by Betsy Koscher

2019-2020 Member Directory: Debbie Cooper - starfish cactus.

"This plant is a ground cover and prefers semi shade. As far as photographing it ... I took it with my iPad. The flower is beautiful but has a terrible odour and the flies love it!!!!"--Debbie Cooper

Photo of Flowers

Stapelia Grandiflora- Starfish Cactus
Photo by Debbie Cooper