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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Every year our garden club landscapes a home for Habitat for Humanity during their "Women's Build" project. Habitat for Humanity dedicates a home for Mother's Day to a single mother.
As well as landscaping one of the Habitat homes, whenever any new Habitat home is dedicated in Cape Coral, a committee of garden club members attend the dedication ceremony and welcome the family to Cape Coral. We bring a housewarming plant and participate in the dedication. Each year, there have been 5 to 12 families moving into homes. Members are welcome to volunteer to attend these celebrations. Contact Sherie Bleiler for more information.
Habitat gives a "hand up", not a "hand out". Potential owners need to have a steady source of income, good credit score and pay the down payment and closing costs. Owners also accept a mortgage, according to their income. Habitat carries the mortgage over that amount. Owners need to take classes on home maintenance and give 300+ hours of "sweat equity" working to build their home or other Habitat homes.
If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of the landscape materials such as larger trees and bushes, please give a check to our Treasurer, endorsed ‘Habitat’, made payable to Garden Club of Cape Coral.

Habitat Landscape Project 2021

Regardless of the pandemic, Habitat for Humanity in Lee County is steadily building homes for low-income people who qualify. For 10 years, our garden club has been landscaping one Habitat home in May, in time for Mother’s Day, dedicated to a single mom. Debbie Haggett and Sherie Bleiler applied for a “Plant America” grant from the National Garden Clubs in the fall, but did not receive it. So as we have done for all previous years, funding this year is up to our own garden club. This year, we have not been able to attend home dedications, due to covid restrictions, thus we still have our entire Habitat budget to use.

The walls and roof are already up for the Habitat for Humanity 2021 House! Here is a picture.

Habitat for Humanity House 2021 before landscaping.

Our landscape plan this year is a collaborative effort with Master Gardeners Vanessa Hazelton and Ana Bonstedt, who have been invited to help design this home's yard as a demonstration yard for Florida Friendly landscape principles. They will use before and after pictures of this home in the Florida Friendly gardening classes.

Many of you have worked to plant these yards year after year. Your help is very much needed again this year! We will work in smaller groups due to Covid to be safer. We have a budget from our club to buy mulch and plants. But it would really be enhanced if club members would help by donating plants or objects. If we get small plants now, we are also looking for members who will plant them in larger pots and care for them until we plant in May.

We are looking for objects such as pavers, a bird bath or a birdhouse. A Florida Friendly landscape welcomes wildlife! Cape Coral code requires that bushes be 18” tall and flowers and ground covers be “well developed.” We will send out a list of plants we would like a bit later. If you are interested in caring for young plants until May, contact Sherie Bleiler.

Habitat for Humanity 2019